The Glacier RePhoto Project


The Glacier RePhoto Project seeks to summarize the existing glacier repeat photographic record throughout the American West. The objectives are to organize historical repeat photographs, their locations, and photographic attributes into a database and acquire new repeat photographs. Repeat photographs have been collected intermittently over the past century. However, the photographs are scattered in various photo collections, archives, and reports, which result in a fragmented view of glacier change. This database provides an organized solution by maintaining the photographs and associated metadata, including geographic coordinates, in a central location. There are currently 270 known stations in the American West with over 1300 photographs taken at those stations.


The glacier repeat photography database stores photograph information by location, known as a repeat photograph station. The database contains two tables: one table for photo stations and a second table of photographs. The number of photos taken from each station range between 2 and 33. Access the database


An interactive map displays the photo station location. Launch the map and select a station to view station information.


Below are selected glacier repeat photographs from the American West.

White River Glacier, Mount Hood: Station West (Langille H.D. et al., 1903 ; The Glacier RePhoto Project, 2018)

Conness Glacier, Sierra Nevada: Station 5555. (Yosemite National Park, 1957; The Glacier RePhoto Project, 2013)

Palisade Glacier, Sierra Nevada: Gayley Station (County of Inyo Eastern California Museum, 1929; The Glacier RePhoto Project, 2013)

Dana Glacier, Sierra Nevada: Station ric046 (USGS, 1883; The Glacier RePhoto Project, 2013)

Boulder Glacier, Mount Baker: Station Booen (NSIDC/World Data Center for Glaciology, 1891; The Glacier RePhoto Project, 2012)

Mazama Glacier, Mount Adams: Station 1017 (NSIDC, 1901; The Glacier RePhoto Project, 2013)

If you are interested in using these images or would like to request prints, please contact Hassan Basagic.

This project was created by Hassan Basagic, with funding from a Mazamas Research Grant and an American Alpine Club Nikwax Alpine Bellwether Grant in 2012. The project is in collaboration with Andrew Fountain and the Glaciers of the American West Project at Portland State University (//